Sublimated Baseball Jerseys Deliver Longevity and Crisp Team Logos

Sublimation uniforms are all the rage in sports right now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going out of style anytime soon, especially in baseball.

America’s pastime is played in the heat of the summer, and sublimated baseball jerseys can have large logos or designs without adding to the weight of the uniform, making them lighter than traditional jerseys. Sublimation is the manufacturing process where the entire design of the jersey is directly infused into the fabric.

At Inkwell Printing, our professional designers will customize your baseball uniforms using state-of-the-art graphics with the new sublimation process. For more information about sublimated baseball jerseys call us at (918) 508-3634 or email at

Why is Sublimation So Popular in Baseball?

Finding only one reason for sublimation’s popularity would be impossible. There are a plethora of reasons, and it’s being tabbed as one of the best printing methods available. With sublimation, the team logos and designs are the closest to permanent the industry has ever seen.

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These uniforms last longer than traditional uniforms. The logos will not fade or peel, and they look crisper and cleaner than silk-screening or vinyl. For the company, there are low setup costs, it’s great for small orders, and, most importantly, it just looks cool. With normal silk screening and vinyl, the ink or vinyl designs are simply layered on top of the fabric. However, with sublimation printing, logos and designs are infused directly into the fabric.

What Type of
Fabric is Used?

Throughout the years, baseball uniforms have been made out of cotton or polyester, but with sublimation the uniform is made from a poly-blend material. An 85% poly-blend is recommended for sublimation. Another benefit is the flexibility of sublimation because it isn’t limited to printing strictly on fabrics. Mugs, mouse pads, tumblers, pens, clocks, and name plates, just to name a few, can also use sublimation.

Which Colors Should I Choose For
My Sublimated Baseball Jerseys?

Old-school screen printing is still amazing, but the sublimation process allows for much tighter edges and lines. The level of detail is quite impressive due to the digital methods used in the process, and your team will be the envy of every other team on the baseball diamond. Screen printing limits the application to one color at a time, but sublimation uses multiple colors at a time.

There is only one limit to sublimation when it comes to colors – you can only use colors that can be created on a computer. With silk screening, you can mix colors to get what you want. However, the good news is that there are so many colors that can be created on a computer the likelihood of not getting the color you want is minimal.

Sublimated Baseball
Jerseys From Inkwell

Sublimation is being touted as the future of fabric printing, and this technology has revolutionized the sports apparel industry. At Inkwell, we understand that when you slide on your sublimated baseball jersey, you are representing your team and your hometown. 

We want to ensure that our dye sublimation process makes sure that your logos and graphics designs stay intact play after play, as well as the cleanings to get them looking like new after every game. For more information about custom sublimated youth baseball jerseys, call us at (918) 508-3634 or email at

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