Custom Embroidery

At Inkwell Printing, we have a machine that can handle large orders, allowing us to double or even triple our output, creating better turnaround times for our customers.

Sports embroidery has become so common that it can be found on just about everything from jerseys to baseball caps. The reason this medium is so popular is because it can be used on anything from tracksuits to accessories. When it comes to sports embroidery, nearly all sportswear, including team uniforms, comes with some embroidery and stitching. 

Screen printing and embroidery companies must be able to cope with customer demands and business growth, which means having the right equipment to produce large volumes of sportswear. At Inkwell Printing, we have a machine that can handle large orders, allowing us to double or even triple our output, creating better turnaround times for our customers. 

For nearly 20 years, Inkwell Printing has provided Sand Springs and the surrounding communities with high-quality sportswear, and that includes embroidery that stands the test of time. We partner with just about every brand in the industry, and your team uniform can be made from Nike, Under Armour, or Adidas, just to name a few. For more information about embroidery, call us at (918) 508-3634.

Custom Embroidered Hats

Although we can make hats for anything from company branding to nonprofit promotion, our primary focus here at Inkwell is sports apparel. And when it comes to sports apparel, baseball and hats are inseparable.

Softball and baseball caps are as much a part of the game as the bat is. Baseball caps are as American as apple pie and Bald Eagles. Inkwell can easily produce beautiful custom embroidered ball caps for your baseball or softball team that will help block the sun and look stylish in the process.

Hats aren’t only popular in baseball and softball, however. Tennis and golf players typically wear visors during their events, and even legendary football coaches like Bob Stoops are inseparable from their visors on the sideline.

Fishermen are also wearing a hat more often than not, so we can set up your competitive fishing team with stylish, durable hats.

Whether you prefer a snapback or fitted hat, we’d love to set up your team with hats that will make the competition jealous.

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Custom Embroidered Jackets

In the modern era, sports and fashion have become inseparable. Every team wants to roll up to their competition looking as stylish as possible, and jackets are a staple of almost every sport.

Of course, there’s the classic letterman jacket that separates the dedicated athletes from the less committed team members. Inkwell can easily custom embroider your school’s letterman jackets, whether you need them for the whole athletic department or a single sport.

Many teams also want to supply their players with pullovers, quarter zips, and full-zip jackets to present a team image during travel and warmups – especially for fall and winter sports.

Inkwell can custom embroider anything from North Face to Nike, including dri-fit, therma-fit, flannel, and windbreakers.

Embroidered Shirts & Polos

There are a lot of different shirt types out there that are great for sports teams. Uniforms, practice shirts, fundraiser shirts, and spirit wear are but a few of the many uses for custom embroidered shirts. Embroidered polo shirts are also popular with sports and are standard uniforms in golf, tennis, disc golf, and, of course, polo. They’re also a great way to show up at an event looking uniform and stylish.

Embroidered Sports Gear

Embroidery isn’t limited to clothing alone. Most sports come with a lot of gear and require bags for transporting that gear. Inkwell can custom embroider your golf bag, disc golf bag, bat bag, gym bag, or any other duffel bag with team logos, player names, etc. We can also embroider towels, gloves, socks, and any other sports apparel you can think of!

A Stitch For Every Sport

Inkwell Printing has handled orders for every sport imaginable, including esports, which is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Esports, short for electronic sports, are video game competitions where individuals compete on teams for an esports championship. Just like any other sports organization, esports teams wear uniforms, and these outfits often use wild, bright colors, including embroidery.
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Quality, Speed, and Power

Inkwell Printing now has a top-of-the line embroidery machine that can handle numerous items at once. Instead of waiting for each piece to finish before another starts, we have a machine that works on several items simultaneously. Barudan’s newest K Series, multiple-head embroidery machine is heavy duty, and its steel construction provides stability and minimum vibration, resulting in superior stitch quality. Designed to be compact and powerful, this machine is the future of embroidery.

The K Series is unbelievably versatile. We can switch from caps to garments to flat items in a matter of minutes, which speeds up the process of the order compared to old-fashioned embroidery machines where attachments need to be switched out constantly. For example, most embroidery machines could only stitch one baseball cap at a time, but the new machine can handle six at once, which reduces the total time of the project.

In order to make the best sportswear you have to have the best machinery, and Inkwell Printing has an amazing embroidery machine.

At Inkwell Printing, we consider ourselves printing and embroidery perfectionists. When you have something printed at Inkwell, you’re getting only the very best.

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