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Many school districts are moving towards school uniforms which help to provide an inclusive level playing field for all students, allowing them to focus on their school work rather than what clothes they are going to wear that day.

Inkwell Printing is your one-stop shop for school uniforms and spirit wear. We provide the most updated school apparel available, and we deal in popular, high-end clothing brands to make your students look great and feel comfortable.

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There are several things to consider when choosing a school uniform supplier, like price and quality, but there are several other factors that Inkwell can handle with ease.

We have partnered with a bevy of schools over the last twenty years, and our team understands the thought process that goes into choosing the right apparel for your student body.

We work directly with school administrators and management teams to help create great and affordable apparel that supports your school. We can also provide the spirit wear for your student body to show off at school events.

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Here is what you should
Consider when choosing a school uniform supplier:


The cost of a school uniform is, first and foremost, the main consideration when choosing a company to handle your school’s dress code. Inkwell’s prices can compete with any other distributor in the school uniform market.


School uniforms should last, and parents shouldn’t have to worry about whether their kid’s uniform will survive the entire school year. At Inkwell, we take the worry out of selecting a school uniform supplier by providing the best-quality uniforms on the market today.


If a school uniform is uncomfortable, it completely defeats the purpose of a school uniform. Part of the attraction of school uniforms is selecting an outfit that is comfortable for the student, allowing them to focus fully on their studies.


Inkwell is always available. Whether it’s by phone, email, or social media, Inkwell has a staff of uniform experts that can fix whatever problems you face. If you need to replace or repair a school uniform, Inkwell is there for you and can have you taken care of in no time.

From Football Jerseys to Spirit Wear,
We’ve Got You Covered

School uniforms are for class, but spirit wear is for everything else. Our spirit wear connects you to your favorite school or sports team, and we have everything from logoed hoodies, socks, hats, shirts, shorts, and much more.

When you put on spirit wear from Inkwell, you become a walking billboard for your school, leaving no doubt as to where your allegiance lies.

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At Inkwell Printing, we are proud to stand behind each custom sublimated printing order that we receive. We aren’t happy unless you are 100% satisfied with your order. We are always working to expand our printing technology capabilities and stand behind each product that we offer. We consider ourselves printing perfectionists and will make sure that we use or recommend the best printing method for your project’s best possible outcome. When you have something printed at Inkwell, you’re getting only the very best.

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